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Welcome to Victory Romanian Christian Center, a place where you can personally experience the presence of the Lord. If you are a diligent believer or want to know more about the Lord and his Word, you are the most welcome.

We wish you a pleasant visit at www.VictoryRomanianChurch.com, and we hope that you will even go further: come join in our services!


Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Do you have questions regarding this subject? Here you can find answers to questions like: "Can a person receive eternal life in heaven without the baptism in the Holy Spirit?"; "Do christians receive the Holy Spirit when they are saved?"... read more


The Road to Emmaus

The gospel of Luke tell us one of the most beautiful and meaningful story about the encounter of resurrected Jesus and His disciples; the one from the road of Emmaus. This text is meant to explore the meanings of the event, observing "7 traits of the sad disciples", starting with the 17th verse... read more


What the Evangelism became?

There was a group of people who called themselves “The Fishers”.

And behold, there was a lot of fishes in the surrounding waters. In fact the whole area was full with rivers and ponds filled with fishes, and these fishes were very hungry.

Week after week, month after month, and year after year, “The Fishers” have met in endless meetings (gatherings) and talked about... read more



New sermons in Mp3 File format. (Romanian Language Sermons)

Board of the Church

Are you interested in better acquainting yourself with the members of our Church board?


Our Church is involved in various activities in different departments.

What the Bible says?

In the contemporary landscape of religious opinions we wish to assert the primacy of a conservative biblical theology of Pentecostal background.



Weekly Ministry at
5306 Walnut Ave.

Sunday 10am - 12am
Sunday 6pm - 8pm

Women's meeting
Tuesday 7pm - 9pm

Corporate prayer
Thursday 7pm - 8:30pm



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