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What the Evangelism became?


There was a group of people who called themselves “The Fishers”.

And behold, there was a lot of fishes in the surrounding waters. In fact the whole area was full with rivers and ponds filled with fishes, and these fishes were very hungry.

Week after week, month after month, and year after year, “The Fishers” have met in endless meetings (gatherings) and talked about their calling, about abundant stock of fishes, and fishing procedures. Year after year they defined the meaning of fishing; they protect their profession, they have declared that fishing is always the main and basic activity of a fisher.

These fishers built some beautiful buildings, with an impressive architecture for the branches of their fishing organizations. Their vision was: “Every person has to become a fisher and every fisher has to catch a fish”. Still they never have gone out fishing.

More than their weekly meetings, they formed a board of action, to send fishers to other places where the life stock was abundant. This board was formed from those fishers who had a great vision and a lot of courage to speak about fishing, who can very well define what means to fish, and who can promote the fishing in different rivers and lakes from remote countries, where there were a lot of colorful fishes. Also this board hired more staff, and delegate different committees who gathered together in more meetings to define what means to fish in these new territories, to protect their profession and to decide in which rivers they should start to fish. Still, all their staff and members never have gone out fishing.

After that, they built very expensive area offices, to teach how to become a fisher. As the years passed, they offered different courses about what a fish need, their nature, how to define a fish, the psychological reaction of a fish in the presence of bait, how to approach a fish, and even how to feed them. Those who teach, the teachers, all had PhDs in fishing. But these teachers, they never have gone out fishing. They just lecture about fishing.

More than this, “The Fishers” built big publishing houses where they print fishing literature, and updated guides of fishing. Their printing machines worked 24 hours a day to print all kind of writings about fishing methods, the type of equipment and gear needed, and to promote new meetings about fishing. They even create an office to schedule open meetings with the most well-known speakers on fishing.

After a disputed meeting about “The Need to Fish” a young person went out angry and start to fish in a river. Next day he declared his huge success of catching 2 big fishes. Then he was awarded with different certificates and promoted to a country wide tour of learning centers, to tell everybody about his unprecedented success. So he left behind his fishing activity to share his priceless experience with other fishers. After that, he vas elected in the General Board of their fishing corporate organizations, due to his vast experience.

Imagine how offended where “The Fishers” when somebody, one day, told them bluntly that those who do not fish, in fact they cannot claim to be fishers, regardless how much they wanted. A person who does not catch a fish, year after year, can be defined as a fisherman? After all, the fishers did not follow their master which told them: follow me and I will make you fishermen of people. Can somebody be a follower if he never vent out fishing?





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